Our company is a professional for many years engaged in large-scale imported systems (distributed control systems, programmable controllers, redundant fault-tolerant control systems, robotic systems) spare parts sales. Main brands Foxboro, Tricon, Ovation, Motorola, Xycom, ABB, Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Yaskawa, Woodward and other imported automation system spare parts sales and system integration of high-tech enterprises.

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  • Commutation methods of power electronic devices


    Due to the use of power electronic devices as switching devices, the transfer of current between branches inevitably involves changes in the switching state of power electronic devices, including turning off devices that are already in the ON state and turning on devices that are already in the O...

  • ABB MicroFlex e190 servo driver


    Product Introduction: Driver   Product category: Motion control servo systems Servo drives   Brand: ABB   Product Introduction: MicroFlex e190 is a compact high-performance servo driver that reshapes machine design for the future   MicroFlex e190 supports all mainstream motor feedback types and E...

  • LED driver


    LED drive power supply Generally, when using commercial power supplies (100V AC) to light LEDs, it is necessary to use AC/DC power supplies to generate resistance to limit LED power supplies, or use capacitor loss circuits.   If AC/DC power supply is used, the appearance is too large, and us...

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